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In DotCom Secrets, you learned what sales funnels are, and how they can help you offer your products on the internet.

If you have not finished reading DotCom Secrets yet, then you must go ahead and do that.

If you have completed reading one of my favorite books, then you need to follow that up by selecting up Expert Secrets: The Underground Playbook For Creating a Mass Movement of People Who Will Pay For Your Advice.

Expert Secrets Review


Russell Brunson’s Expert Secrets is an must-read book that shares the secrets of producing a loyal following of fans who will purchase your products.

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Inside, you’ll discover a thorough guide on how to end up being an expert in your specific niche and developing a people of faithful followers, who resonate with your message and purchase your items.

Sounds intriguing?

That’s what Russell Brunson’s book, Expert Secrets is everything about and its a should check out book for any online marketer and entrepreneur.

Here is what I’m going to be covering in my Expert Secrets examine.

  • What is Expert Secrets?
  • A look inside Expert Secrets
  • Expert Secrets Pricing
  • Last Thoughts

If you’re currently ready to purchase Expert Secrets you can get it totally free through this link.

What’s Expert Secrets?

Expert Secrets is the follow-up to Russell Brunson’s finest selling DotCom Secrets book.

It was published in 2017 and comes in at 265 pages long.

The book “Expert Secrets: The Underground Playbook for Creating a Mass Movement of People Who Will Pay for Your Advice, Reviews” consists of 5 different areas, with an overall of 22 expert secrets. The very first four areas of the book set its structure. Here is an in depth review of each of the 4 areas in our Expert Secrets Review.

In Russell’s hallmark style, you’ll get lots of examples and stories where he highlights how he produced his own faithful following that turned ClickFunnels into a $100 million business.

At the time of this post, Expert Secrets has 4.5 stars and 168 consumer reviews on Amazon.

The book is targeted at individuals trying to run 2 types of services. The very first, is somebody who wishes to offer info items straight. This could be offering an ebook, a course, training or consulting.

The 2nd type is somebody who wishes to leverage details items to grow their own business. This is what Russell did to grow ClickFunnel’s into a $100 million a year business.

A look inside Expert Secrets

Area 1: Creating your Mass Movement

Expert Secrets – Mass Movement

The start of the book is all about finding out how to create your mass motion.

Russell discovered that all mass motions have 3 things in common.

Brunson also teaches you how to find your target audience, and figuring out those individuals who will respond best to your items. He also offers you pointers on how to write a good marketing message tailored particularly for your target audience.

Each concentrated on a future based cause that was bigger than themselves. Here Russell teaches you how to show individuals your new chance and get them to believe in your cause. He teaches how you can develop true followers on your own and your brand.

They each used their audience a brand-new chance. Brunson teaches you how to provide your brand-new chance to your target market and how to convince them to pick your company or brand.

To become a leader (or expert), you initially need to determine what market you want to serve.

The 3 core markets to choose from are wealth, health and relationships. Under these 3 core markets are hundreds of submarkets. For example, under wealth subjects that interest me include internet marketing, stock market investing and bitcoin.

What Russell highlights however is that these submarkets are still too broad. There is so much competitors and it will be difficult for you to stand apart.

So you need to drill down one more level into particular more niches.

If you were in the online marketing niche, you may choose to become an expert in composing everyday e-mails, or marketing automation with ActiveCampaign. There’s less saturation in these specific niches which gives you a chance to discover your own special area to thrive.

Once you’ve chosen your specific niche, you can then move on to developing your Attractive Character.

Expert Secrets Attractive Character Russell goes into what it takes to develop a personality that individuals wish to follow and become like you. He shows you how not to be boring and how to be persuasive. This is how you will start developing the first of your true fans.v

Once that’s in place, it makes developing your motion a lot easier due to the fact that you can produce your material and funnels based around it.

By the end of this section, you’ll know precisely who you wish to deal with, how to reach them, and what you require to do to deliver the results they desire.

Area 2: Creating Beliefs

This area focuses on how to discover how to comprehend the minds of your followers to turn them into clients.

Russell begins this section focusing on your “One Thing” aka “The Domino”. It’s the something you need to get somebody to think that will knock down all of their objections. This secret shows you the most essential thing you need to persuade your target audience to purchase from you.

Once you figure out your “something” the way he discusses it, it will change the way you operate.

Then, in order to better connect with your audience, Russell speaks about creating your “the Epiphany Bridge”.

Expert Secrets – The Epiphany Bridge

This is the story that takes your audience though the psychological experience that got you thrilled about the opportunity you are sharing with them.

And if you tell this story about how you got your own “aha” minute, and structure it in the way that Russell explains, then your audience will have the same surprise themselves about whatever you are speaking about.

This will get them delighted to read more about it by themselves, and most notably, get them delighted to buy.

You will discover how to convince individuals to purchase from you, through feelings and storytelling. Russell will also teach his secrets to get customers to comprehend you and your brand name.

I enjoy this part of the book, because this is where Russell teaches you the structure to ending up being a much better storyteller.

You’ll find out about the “kinda like” bridge to assist you streamline more complex concepts and how to get individuals to “feel” when listening to your stories.

Next you’ll discover a story framework called The Hero’s 2 Journeys and it’s a formula that movies have been following for years.How to construct your individual brand and story people can quickly relate to. You will discover how to accomplish it through storytelling.

It’s a proven structure you can utilize for any story you want to tell.

Russell has actually simplified the entire process into what he called the Epiphany Bridge Script. Combining the Hero’s Two Journey and the Epiphany Bridge together with a script on how to execute your character and story.

What’s awesome is that you just answer the 8 questions that he has actually created, and it will essentially write the story for you itself.

Russell teaches you how to break your consumer’s false beliefs and change them with new beliefs by means of your surprise bridge. And finally, Russell presents you to the three primary beliefs you require to break in order to make sales. He teaches you how to accomplish it by means of your surprise script.

Area 3: The Stack: Selling with Authenticity

The next area of the book is everything about taking what you learned in the first 2 areas and transforming that into sales.

The main point that Russell speak about here is the Stack Slide which helps you increase the overall value of your product.

Expert Secrets – Stack Slide

The Stack Slide is crucial to your marketing, especially when used on a sales page or inside a webinar. Russell reveals you how to efficiently build your own and make it into your irresistible offer. You will find out how to offer your target audience huge worth and what you require to provide to encourage them to buy from you.

Once you have this in place, you can sell it by means of an online webinar. Webinars are probably the very best method to offer your product since you can run several webinars per day, as often as you ‘d like.

And they do not always have to be live events. You can actually just do a single presentation and have it cost for months.

Russell has actually invested years doing live webinars so he might ideal the formula over time. Once he got it right, he was able to make consistent sales day in and day out, netting him countless dollars.

This is what he called the Perfect Webinar, and he goes into great information of how this works.

Expert Secrets – Perfect Webinar

This secrets teaches you how to effectively sell your services online through a webinar and how to put the pieces together from section 2 to accomplish this.

You’ll discover how to structure your webinar to take a possibility from a state of interest to the point where they are ready to shell out their cash for the value you are supplying them.

Regardless of the product, you can use this script to explain how important your item is to your client (assuming it in fact is important) and how to market it properly throughout your webinar.

If you’ve been on any marketing related webinars recently, you probably have actually already seen the Perfect Webinar in action. That’s due to the fact that it works and it’s pretty simple for even newbies to pick up.

Expert Secrets Pricing

You can discover the paperback edition of Expert Secrets on Amazon costing $13.56. Or you can get the Kindle version for $8.69.

If you want to get a pretty big discount, Russell is providing away Expert Secrets for complimentary if you buy through his site. All you have to do is pay shipping and handling, which comes out to $7.95.

I actually do recommend going through the primary website to purchase the book. Because you’ll get to see directly one of the most successful sales funnels out there, and experience some of the lessons first hand that you’ll find out in the book.

Plus you’ll have the ability to buy the Expert Secrets audiobook through the funnel as well, if you prefer that medium rather.

Final Thoughts

I completely delighted in Expert Secrets. Expert Secrets gives you an opportunity to access inexpensive however high value service recommendations from somebody who has a successful online service.

While there is no direct income connected with the book, the author assures the knowledge included in the book will assist improve your web sales and marketing efforts, leading to greater earnings.

By developing a following of insane fans, you’re guaranteeing that you can build a defensible moat around your organisation. You’re no longer at the grace of other platforms like Facebook or Google.

Instead, you have individuals following every word you state, and purchasing when you desire them too.

Expert Secrets is a book worth buying. If you are wanting to improve your internet marketing skills, sales techniques or income, this book includes important wisdom.

It features a 100% complete satisfaction guarantee, meaning you are not even on the hook if you aren’t pleased with the purchase.

Grab your copy of Expert Secrets here.

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